Beyond the Butter, LLC is a Replica Surfaces Partner

I’m sometimes asked about the food photography backgrounds I use when photographing my sweet treats. From poster board to super heavy wood boards—you name it, I have it! Last year I started using these realistic backgrounds from a company called Replica Surfaces. Their boards are light-weight, stain resistant, and clean up very easily—three things that are VERY important to me when it comes to my food photography!

And if you want to use 2 of them, like I sometimes do, they have this handy L-shaped bracket that keeps them together nicely, so you won’t have to be propping them up with heavy books like I have to do with some of my other backgrounds!????

Replica Surfaces carries a nice range of backgrounds (with 3 new ones just added)! I have their Marble and Cement backgrounds which you can see in the photos shown below, and I honestly couldn’t be happier with them! And Mandy, the owner, is super nice and helpful!

If you’re a food photographer and looking to purchase a new board or two, click here to receive 15% OFF your Replica Surfaces purchase!


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